Guest Reviews

You never know who might submit a guest review! This section is for reviewers who contribute when they find a book they want to share. 



It’s always the Husband                 

Author:  Michele Campbell                 Mystery          

Reviewer: Nancy G.

I admit, I purchased the book because the title was intriguing. Ms. Campbell sets the plot within the first few pages of the book. The story revolves around three women and their friendship, sometimes contempt, starting from the first day of college. They are roommates, each coming from three different personal backgrounds and upbringing. Two of the women have strong personalities that sometimes clash. The third roommate finds herself following her privileged roommate who doesn’t always follow the rules or make the best decisions. Three women, three different personalities, with one murder — or not.

Ms. Campbell grips your interest that continues to the very last page.

Still Life                                              

Author:  Louise Penny                   Mystery          

Reviewer: Nancy G.

Louise Penny introduces Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. He does appear as a main character in a series of books by Ms. Penny. The story is set in a small Canadian town called Three Pines. A quiet town that doesn’t even have a police department. The kind of town where everyone knows their neighbor. Jean, a beloved, retired teacher from the village, submits a painting into a local painting exhibit. The judges are surprised by the simple child like effort of the painting,but is the painting just a simple effort or does it really reveal a secret that someone does not want revealed? Before the exhibit opens, Jean is murdered. Everyone is shocked and deeply saddened by her death. Inspector Gamache arrives from Montreal to investigate Jeans murder. He reminds me of Hercule Poirot the character by Agatha Christie. Mild mannered, bright, but not over bearing.

The story starts a little slow,but picks up after a few chapters. Also sprinkled with a few humorous lines that makes you laugh. I did enjoy the book, in spite of just a three book rating. I recommend Louise Penny if looking for a quick read.