Nancy's Reviews

After working in several word-related fields: copy writing, editing, freelance voice talent and theatre--followed by a long career as a stay-at-home mom I started working at the bookstore almost nineteen years ago, and was fortunate enough to be the manager for eighteen years. From my first day at work I had a sense of being home among the books and fellow book-junkies and that feeling only grew with the ensuing years.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a terrific team of booksellers and customers, and I am especially indebted to my fantastic family who supported my choice of jobs despite work hours that were definitely not conducive to family and social activities. I'm just now learning what all the fuss about weekends is all about!

My thanks to all of you who supported the store, who mourned its closing, and who asked us to establish this forum so that we can continue our tradition of exchanging opinions and ideas about books.

Good Me Bad Me                                              

 Author:  Ali Land                         Fiction                        

After years of abuse at the hands of her disturbed mother, Milly finally breaks down and manages to convince the police that all the missing children are gone for good. Her mother made sure of that. Milly doesn’t know what her mother enjoyed more: killing the children, or making Milly watch as she does. Regardless, at least Milly is away from her house, away from her mother, and staying in a lovely foster home with psychologist Mike, his very thin wife Saskia, and their daughter Phoebe, who has decided to make Milly as miserable as she makes both of her parents. As Phoebe and Milly compete for favored status both at home and at school, it may come down to which of them is not merely bad, but evil.

Good Daughter                                                 

 Author:  Karin Slaughter                            Fiction       

Charlotte and Samantha Quinn know just how hated their father is. He’s the only lawyer in town who firmly believes that everyone, no matter what their crime, deserves the best defense. So they’re expecting the ostracism they receive following the acquittal in his latest case. They weren’t expecting to have their house burned to the ground, and as for the rest of the horror, it pretty much destroyed the Quinn family. Charlotte stays, though, and practices law with her dad, while Samantha can’t wait to get as far from her memories as she can; for twenty-eight years it has been their life. Now, though, there is a new horror, with Charlotte at its center and, unwilling as she is to return, Samantha is caught between protecting the walls she has built around herself, and facing her past.

A decent read, but this book could definitely benefit from some tightening up; it certainly has a tendency to ramble.


Keep Her Safe                                     

 Author:  Sophie Hannah              Fiction                                

At first, back in England, the Swallowtail Resort in Arizona seemed the best choice for a woman to go when running away from home, the perfect place for Cara Burrows to sort out the dilemma in which she’s found herself. At least, it had better be, since it’s costing her a third of the savings it’s taken years to accumulate during the time she and Patrick have been married. Swallowtail is luxurious, it’s private, and it’s far enough away that Patrick, even if he knew where she was, wouldn’t be inclined to follow her to force a decision she isn’t ready to make. Cara’s plans begin to unravel almost as soon as she arrives, when she stumbles into her room, only to discover it’s already occupied, a situation that is easily remedied, but the reaction of the receptionist to the mistake seems out of proportion to a minor problem. Cara’s niggling concern about that is magnified as she observes the same over-reaction to the report by an elderly guest of her sighting of a girl murdered seven years ago, as well as by the discovery of a cryptic note she finds.



Scarred Woman                                     

 Author:  Jussi Adler-Olsen              Mystery                          

Carl Morck, as head of Department Q, is used to having a lot on his plate, as he juggles the challenges of tracking down solutions to cold cases with the demands of his superiors on the force, his complicated home life, and his quirky staff, but this time he is really up against a wall as he tries to prove the connection between a new murder and one that occurred years ago. Sure, Assad and Gordon are top-notch, and Marcus is proving to be helpful, but without Rose the office seems to be falling apart. And this isn’t one of Rose’s other idiosyncratic episodes: this time, Rose has completely broken with reality. Slowly, as the case comes together, Morck unravels not only the threads linking the killings, but he also learns the truth about Rose’s horrific past.