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Disruptors Alan Axelrod 9/1
Rush Stephen Fried 9/4
Every Day Is Extra John Kerry 9/4
Live Long and… William Shatner 9/4
Man I Never Met Adam Schefter 9/4
Small Fry Lisa Brennan-Jobs 9/4
Anything for a Hit Dorothy Carvello 9/4
Fashion Climbing Bill Cunningham 9/4
Good Neighbor Maxwell King 9/4
I Should Have Honor Khalida Brohi 9/4
If You Love Me Maureen Cavanaugh 9/4
Inadvertant Karl Ove Knausgaard 9/4
Play by Play Verne Lundquist 9/4
Saving Sarah Janet Murnaghan 9/4
Walking Each Other Home Ram Dass/Mirabai Bush 9/4
Betty Ford Lisa McCubbin 9/11
Adam Smith Jesse Norman 9/11
We Fed an Island Jose Andres 9/11
In Pieces Sally Field 9/18
Rising Out of Hatred Eli Sasbow 9/18
Dear America Jose Antonio Vargas 9/18
Don't Unplug Chris Dancy 9/18
Eliza Hamilton Tilar J. Mazzeo 9/18
Heartland Sarah Smarsh 9/18
Heavy Duty K.K. Downing/M. Eglinton 9/18
Kafka's Last Trial Benjamin Balint 9/18
Looking for Lorraine Imani Perry 9/18
My Own Devices Dessa 9/18
Running Against the Tide Captain Lee/M. Shohl 9/18
Then They Came for Me Matthew D. Hockenos 9/18
To Obama Jeanne Marie Laskas 9/18
Twisting Fate Pamela Munster, M.D. 9/18
Young Benjamin Franklin Nick Bunker 9/18
This Is the Day Tom Tebow/A.J. Gregory 9/25
Belichick Ian O'Connor 9/25
Fabulous Bouvier Sisters Sam Kashner/N. Schoenberger 9/25
Handcrafted Clint Harp 9/25
Hiking with Nietzsche John Kaag 9/25
John Wayne Treasures Randy Roberts/D. Welky 9/25
Let the Good Times Roll Kenney Jones 9/25
Life in Culture Lionel Trilling 9/25
Ninth Street Women Mary Gabriel 9/25
Rap Dad Juan Vidal 9/25
Who is Michael Ovitz? Michael Ovitz 9/25