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In My Mind's Eye Jan Morris 1/1
Queen of the World Robert Hardman 1/1
Breaking and Entering Jeremy N. Smith 1/8
Deep Water Dream Gretchen Roedde 1/8
Hero Dogs W. Melville/Paul Lobo 1/8
Hollywood's Eve Lili Anolik 1/8
Indefinite Sentence Siddharth Dube 1/8
Queen Victoria Lucy Worsley 1/8
Trailblazer Dorothy Butler Gilliam 1/8
Truths We Hold Kamala Harris 1/8
All the Wild Hungers Karen Babine 1/11
Walking Disaster Jamie Aten, Ph.D. 1/14
Banished Immortal Ha Jin 1/15
Che Luis Enrique Martinez 1/15
Code Name: Lise Larry Loftis 1/15
Diderot and the Art of Thinking Freely Andrew S. Curran 1/15
Elephant in the Room Tommy Tomlinson 1/15
Inheritance Dani Shapiro 1/15
Joy Enough Sarah McColl 1/15
Why We Fight Josh Rosenblatt 1/15
Me, Without Jacqueline Raposo 1/16
Serial Killer's Daughter Kerri Rawson 1/21
Maid Stephanie Land 1/22
Prisoner Jason Rezaian 1/22
All the Lives We Ever Lived Katharine Smyth 1/29
Black Is the Body Emily Bernard 1/29
Code Name: Lise Pam Houston 1/29
World According to Fannie Davis Bridgett M. Davis 1/29