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Queering the Kitchen Daniel Isengart 8/5
Fly Girls Keith O'Brien 8/7
13 Days in Ferguson R Johnson/A Eisenstock 8/7
Black and the Blue M Horace/Ron Harris 8/7
Outside the Wire Jason Kandor 8/7
She Begat This Joan Morgan 8/7
Ticker  Mimi Swartz 8/7
Victorian and the Romantic Nell Stevens 8/7
Gatsby Affair Kendall Taylor 8/8
All Happy Families Jeanne McCulloch 8/14
Cut Out Girl Bart Van Es 8/14
Girl's Guide to Missiles Karen Piper 8/14
Marilyn Monroe Charles Casillo 8/14
Revolution Francaise Sophie Pedder 8/14
Scarface and the Untouchable MA Collins/ Schwartz 8/14
Last Englishmen Deborah Baker 8/21
Only Girl Robin Green 8/21
Playing to the Gods Peter Rader 8/21
Small Animals Kim Brooks 8/21
Summer Karl Ove Knausgaard 8/21
Unnecessary Roughness Jose Baez 8/21
Bitwise David Auerbach 8/28
Elizabeth Warren Antonia Felix 8/28
Imposter Javier Cercas 8/28
Politically Incorrect Feminist Phyllis Chesler 8/28