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Churchill Andrew Roberts 11/6
Why Religion? Elaine Pagels 11/6
Anthony Powell Hilary Spurling 11/6
Born to Be Posthumous Mark Dery 11/6
Churchill David Cannadine 11/6
Day That Went Missing Richard Beard 11/6
Ed Sheeran Christie Goodwin 11/6
Forever Family R Scheer/J Sternfeld 11/6
Gene Machine Venki Ramakrishnan 11/6
In Extremis Lindsey Hilsum 11/6
Life of Saul Bellow Zachary Leader 11/6
Man in the Glass House Mark Lamster 11/6
Shadow Daughter Harriet Brown 11/6
Wasn't That a Time Jesse Jarnow 11/6
Let's Go (So We Can Get Back) Jeff Tweedy 11/13
Back in the Game Steve Scalise 11/13
Crave Christine O'Brien 11/13
John Marshall Richard Brookhiser 11/13
Let Her Fly Z Yousafzai/L Carpenter 11/13
Becoming Michelle Obama 11/15
Bill Duke Bill Duke 11/15
American Entrepeneur W Robertson/W Doyle 11/20
Counting Sheep Axel Linden 11/20
Guts and Genius Bob Glauber 11/20
Smash! Ian Winwood 11/20
Winter War Eric Rauchway 11/20
Annotated Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant 11/27
Brutally Honest M Brown/L Gannon 11/27