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AutoBiography/Biography                Fantasy/Science Fiction           Fiction             Mystery              Romance


Say Yes to Life Ilse Anderson 10/1
Admissions Henry Marsh 10/3
Ali Jonathan Eig 10/3
From Here to Eternity Caitlin Doughty 10/3
Becoming Myself Irvin D. Yalom 10/3
Big Chair Ned Colletti/Joseph A. Reaves 10/3
Bounty Hunter4/3 Jason Delgado/Chris Martin 10/3
Collector of Lives Ingrid Rowland/Noah Charney 10/3
Daring to Hope Katie Davis Majors 10/3
Encore Charity Tillemann-Dick 10/3
Joni Barney Hoskyns, editor 10/3
King of Spies Blaine Harden 10/3
Logical Family Armistead Maupin 10/3
Mental Jaime Lowe 10/3
Play Big Jen Welter 10/3
Real American Julie Lythcott-Haims 10/3
Sense of Occasion Harold Prince 10/3
Standing Strong Teresa Giudice 10/3
Grant Ron Chernow 10/10
Crime in the Family Sacha Batthyany 10/10
Finding My Virginity Richard Branson 10/10
Heating & Cooling Beth Ann Fennelly 10/10
Hirschfeld Ellen Stern 10/10
Lou Reed Anthony DeCurtis 10/10
Road to Sleeping Dragon Michael Meyer 10/10
Schlesinger Richard Aldous 10/10
Shattered Lens J. Alpeyrie/Stash Luczkiw 10/10
Simple Faith of FDR Christine Wicker 10/10
Texas Blood Roger D. Hodge 10/10
Oscar Wilde Nicholas Frankel 10/16
Chasing Light Amanda Lucidon 10/17
Endurance Scott Kelly 10/17
Leonardo da Vinci Walter Isaacson 10/17
Where the Past Begins Amy Tan 10/17
Authorized Roy Orbison Roy Orbison, Jr. et al. 10/17
Fire on the Track Roseanne Montillo 10/17
James Wright Jonathan Blunk 10/17
Lioness Francine Klagsbrun 10/17
Oriana Fallaci Cristina de Stefano 10/17
Secret Sisterhood E. Midorikawa/Emma Claire Sweeney 10/17
We're Going to Need More Wine Gabrielle Union 10/17
Dare Not Linger Nelson Mandela/Mandia Langa 10/24
Hank & Jim Scott Eyman 10/24
Sticky Fingers Joe Hagan 10/24
Unqualified Anna Faris 10/24
Ask an Astronaut Tim Peake 10/24
Book of Joe Jeff Wilser 10/24
Ghost Jefferson Morley 10/24
In Shock Dr. Rana Awdish 10/24
Joan Rivers Confidential Melissa Rivers/Scott Currie 10/24
Lost Founding Father William  J. Cooper 10/24
Member of the Family Dianne Lake/Deborah Herman 10/24
Nourished Lia Huber 10/24
Sisters First Jenna Bush Hager/Barbara Pierce Bush 10/24
Stand by Your Truth Rickey Smiley 10/24
Road Dog Dav Davidoff 10/31
Three Lives of James Madison Noah Feldman 10/31
What Does This Button Do? Bruce Dickinson 10/31