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American Spirit Taya Kyle/Jim DeFelice 4/2
Finding My Voice Valerie Jarrett 4/2
Greek to Me Mary Norris 4/2
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Lori Gottlieb 4/2
Honey Bus Meredith May 4/2
I Miss You When I Blink Mary Laura Philpott 4/2
Light Years Chris Rush 4/2
Matriarch Susan Page 4/2
Native Country of the Heart Cherrie Moraga 4/2
Revolutionary Robert L. O'Connell 4/2
Save Me the Plums Ruth Riechl 4/2
Serving the Servant Danny Goldberg 4/2
To Stop a Warlord Shannon Sedgwick Davis 4/2
Women's Work Megan K. Stack 4/2
From Red Earth Denise Uwimana 4/6
Woman of No Importance Sonia Purnell 4/9
Working Robert Caro 4/9
Freedom's Detective Charles Lane 4/9
Abused Rachel Haines 4/12
Gropius Fiona MacCarthy 4/15
Beneficiary Janny Scott 4/16
Never a Lovely So Real Colin Asher 4/16
Moment of Lift Melinda Gates 4/23
Known, the Secret, the Forgotten Joan Wheelis 4/23
Murphy's Law Jack Murphy 4/23
Presidents Brian Lamb/Susan Swain 4/23
Searing Light, the Sun, and Everything Else John Savage 4/23
Valedictorian of Being Dead Heather B. Armstrong 4/23
Mama's Boy Dustin Lance Black 4/30
My Father Left Me Ireland Michael Dougherty 4/30