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Face It Debbie Harry 10/1
Inside Out Demi Moore 10/1
Toil and Trouble Augusten Burroughs 10/1
Bad Boy Watt Key 10/1
Bruce Lee Way Tim Baker 10/1
Emily Dickinson's Gardening Life Marta McDowell 10/1
Here We Are Aarti Namdev Shahani 10/1
Hitler Brendan Simms 10/1
Jerome Robbins, By Himself Jerome Robbins 10/1
Lusitania Sinking Anthony Richards 10/1
Stealing Green Mangoes Suni Dutta 10/1
When Life Gives You Pears Jeannie Gaffigan 10/1
Where Do I Begin? Elvis Duran 10/1
Where I Come From Aaron Sanchez 10/1
Wild and Precious Life Windsor/Lyon 10/1
Horror Stories Liz Phair 10/8
It's How We Play the Game Ed Stack 10/8
Nerves of Steel Captain Tammie Jo Shults 10/8
Wham!, George Michael, and Me Andrew Ridgeley 10/8
Barack and Joe Steven Levingston 10/8
Bay Boy Pat Mitchell 10/8
Einstein on the Run Andrew Robinson 10/8
How We Fight for Our Lives Saeed Jones 10/8
Invested Charles Schwab 10/8
Life and Loves of E. Nesbit Eleanor Fitzsimons 10/8
Molly Colin Butcher 10/8
No Surrender Edmonds/Century 10/8
Some Kind of Crazy Terry Wardle 10/8
Unfollow Megan Phelps-Roper 10/8
3 Dimensional Dwayne Wade 10/13
Queen Next Door Linda Solomon 10/14
Beautiful on the Outside Adam Rippon 10/15
Home Work Julie Andrews/E Hamilton 10/15
Life Undercover Amaryllis Fox 10/15
Me Elton John 10/15
Medallion Status John Hodgman 10/15
Wild Game Adrienne Brodeur 10/15
America Is Immigrants Sara Novic 10/15
Born for This Bebe Winans 10/15
Citizen Outlaw Charles Barber 10/15
Contender William J. Mann 10/15
God's Hostage Brunson/Borlase 10/15
Good Husbandry Kristin Kimball 10/15
Jeff Buckley Mary Guibert, editor/David Browne 10/15
Open Season Ben Crump 10/15
Women of the 1920s Thomas Bleitner 10/15
Year Without a Name Cyrus Grace Dunham 10/15
You Are Worth It Carpenter/Yaeger 10/15
Best Actress Stephen Tapert 10/18
All the President's Women Barry Levine / El-Faizy 10/22
Edison Edmund Morris 10/22
For Small Creatures Such as We Sasha Sagan 10/22
Touched by the Sun Carly Simon 10/22
Exactly as You Are Shea Tuttle 10/22
Initiated Amanda Yates Garcia 10/22
Janis Holly George-Warren 10/22
Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini Joe Posnanski 10/22
Month in Siena Hisham Matar 10/22
Out Loud Morris/Stace 10/22
Patriot's Creed Kris "Tanto" Paronto 10/22
Still Here Alexandra Jacobs 10/22
Voice of Rebellion Roberta Staley 10/22
Beautiful Ones Prince 10/29
Time Is Tight Booker T. Jones 10/29
Blood Allison Moorer 10/29
Kindness and Wonder Gavin Edwards 10/29
Lives of Lucian Freud William Feaver 10/29
Marjorie Merriweather Post Estella M. Chung 10/29
Oblivion or Glory David Stafford 10/29
Open Heart Club Gabriel Brownstein 10/29
Ordinary Girls Jaquira Diaz 10/29
Tell Me a Story Cassandra KIng Conroy 10/29
Work in Progress Leanne Ford/Steve Ford 10/29