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Agatha Christie Laura Thompson 3/6
Astral Weeks Ryan H. Walsh 3/6
Broad Band Claire L. Evans 3/6
Elizabeth's Rival Nicola Tallis 3/6
I'll Never Change My Name Valentin Chmerkovskiy 3/6
Kevin Show Mary Pilon 3/6
Memphis Rent Party Robert Gordon 3/6
Raw Lamont Hawkins 3/6
Small Town, Big Oil David W. Moore 3/6
Tokyo Romance Ian Buruma 3/6
Tomorrow Will Be Different Sarah McBride 3/6
Unmasked Andrew Lloyd Webber 3/6
Have Dog, Will Travel Stephen Kuusisto 3/13
Luck of Friendship J. Laughlin/T. Williams 3/13
20th Century Boy Duncan Hannah 3/13
Monk's Record Player Robert Hudson 3/14
Age of Eisenhower William I. Hitchcock 3/20
Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater Alanna Okun 3/20
Disarmed Izzy Ezagui 3/20
From the Left Bill Press 3/20
Gator Ron Guidry/A. Beaton 3/20
Just the Funny Parts Nell Scovell 3/20
Packing My Library Alberto Manguel 3/20
Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music? Gregory Alan Thornbury 3/20
Wife's Tale Aida Edemariam 3/20
Zbigniew Brzezinski Justin Vaisse 3/26
Sun Does Shine A.R.Hinton/Lara Hardin 3/27
Bridesmaid's Daughter Nyna Giles/Eve Claxton 3/27
Double Vision William Middleton 3/27
From the Outside Ray Allen/M. Arkush 3/27
Miracle in Shreveport David and Jason Benham 3/27
My Dead Parents Anya Yurchyshyn 3/27
Neruda Mark Eisner 3/27
Odd Girl Out Laura James 3/27
Redemption Joseph Rosenbloom 3/27
Season in the Sun Randy Roberts/J. Smith 3/27
To Change the Church Ross Douthat 3/27