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Travel Light, Move Fast Alexandra Fuller 8/6
Barnum: An American Life Robert Wilson 8/6
Christian and a Democrat Woolverton/ Bratt 8/6
Dottir Davidsdottir/McKernan 8/6
Girl on the Block Jessica Wragg 8/6
Haben Haben Girma 8/6
In the Country of Women Susan Straight 8/6
Long Accomplishment Rick Moody 8/6
Motherland Elissa Altman 8/6
Never Settle Marty Smith 8/6
When I Was White Sarah Valentine 8/6
Inseparable Shaquem and Shaquil Griffin 8/9
River of Fire Sister Helen Prejean 8/13
Cherry on Top Bobbie Brown/C Ryder 8/13
Consent Donna Freitas 8/13
Last Ocean Nicci Gerrard 8/13
Texas Flood Alan Paul 8/13
Into the Planet Jill Heinerth 8/20
Five Days Gone Laura Cumming 8/27
State at Any Cost Tom Segev 8/27