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Monster Hunter Files Larry Correia 10/3
Monster Hunter Siege Larry Correia 10/3
Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss 10/3
Quillifer Walter Jon Williams 10/3
W. Shakespeare's the Force Doth Awaken Ian Doescher 10/3
40 Stories Celebrating 40 Years of Star Wars Renee Ahdieh et al. 10/6
Children of the Fleet Orson Scott Card 10/10
Book of Swords Gardner Dozois, editor 10/10
Power Naomi Alderman 10/10
Sea Peoples S.M. Stirling 10/10
Edgedancer Brandon Sanderson 10/17
It Devours! Joseph Fink/Jeffrey Cranor 10/17
Plague of Giants Kevin Hearne 10/17
Vallista Steven Brust 10/17
Beautiful Ones Silvia Moreno-Garcia 10/24
Blades of Empire M. Lackey/James Mallory 10/24
Darker Shade of Magic V.E. Schwab 10/31
Mongrel Mage L.E. Modesitt 10/31
Malice of Crows Lila Bowen 10/31
Your Name. Another Side Makoto Shinkai/Arata Kanoh 10/31
Barbary Station R.E. Stearns 10/31
Rift Frequency Amy S. Foster 10/31