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Whiskers in the Dark Rita Mae Brown 6/4
Assassin of Shadows Lawrence Goldstone 6/4
Body in the Castle Wall Martin Walker 6/4
Book Supremacy Kate Crlisle 6/4
Right Sort of Man Allison Montclair 6/4
Shallows Matt Goldman 6/4
Crafter Hooks a Killer Holly Quinn 6/11
Darwin Affair Tim Mason 6/11
Disappearance of Alistair Ainsworth Leonard Goldberg 6/11
Sweet Tea and Secrets Joy Avon 6/11
Aunt Dimity and the Heart of Gold Nancy Atherton 6/18
Conviction Denise Mina 6/18
Cutting Room Ashley Dyer 6/18
Black Jersey Jorge Zepeda Patterson 6/25
Wherever She Goes Kelley Armstrong 6/25
In the Shadow of Spindrift House Mira Grant 6/30