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Black Hills M.J. Trow 1/1
Dark Truths A.J. Cross 1/1
Hocus Girl Chris Nickson 1/1
Lady of Perdition Barbara Hambly 1/1
Script for Scandal Renee Patrick 1/1
Trouble in Mind Michael Wiley 1/1
Winter of Despair Cora Harrison 1/1
Hindsight Iris Johansen/Roy Johansen 1/7
Westwind Ian Rankin 1/7
Bound for Murder Victoria Gilbert 1/7
Fatal Roots Sheila Connolly 1/7
First Cut Judy Melinek/T.J. Mitchell 1/7
In the Shadow of Vesuvius Tasha Alexander 1/7
Naked Came the Florida Man Tim Dorsey 1/7
There's a Murder Afoot Vicki Delaney 1/7
Thistles and Thieves Molly MacRae 1/7
Woman in the Veil Laura Joh Rowland 1/7
Hollows Jess Montgomery 1/14
Missing American Kwei Quartey 1/14
Rabbit Hunter Lars Keplar 1/14
Tenant Katrine Engberg 1/14
Careless Whiskers Miranda James 1/21
Janes Louisa Luna 1/21
Mitford Scandal Jessica Fellowes 1/21
Book of Candlelight Ellery Adams 1/28
Death Comes to the Nursery Catherine Lloyd 1/28
Hi Five Joe Ide 1/28
View to a Kilt Kaitlyn Dunnett 1/28