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Summerlings Lisa Howarth 8/6
Valerie Sara Stridsberg 8/6
We Are All Good People Here Susan Rebecca White 8/6
Nottingham Nathan Makaryk 8/6
Women of the Copper Country Mary Doria Russell 8/6
I Spy Claire Kendal 8/6
Contraband Stuart Woods 8/13
Doll Factory Elizabeth MacNeal 8/13
Inland Tea Obreht 8/13
Oysterville Sewing Circle Susan Wiggs 8/13
Swallows  Lisa Lutz 8/13
Things You Save in a Fire Katherine Center 8/13
Hidden Things Jamie Mason 8/13
Last Good Guy T. Jefferson Parker 8/13
Thirteen  Steve Cavanaugh 8/13
All the Flowers in Paris Sarah Jio 8/13
Below the Line Howard Michael Gould 8/13
Black Card Chris L. Terry 8/13
Campusland Scott Johnston 8/13
Catholic School Edoardo Albinati 8/13
Dearly Beloved Cara Wall 8/13
Devotion Madeline Stevens 8/13
Dragon Lady Louisa Treger 8/13
gods with a little g Tupelo Hassman 8/13
Keeper Graham Norton 8/13
Killer's Choice Louis Begley 8/13
Memory Police Yoko Ogawa 8/13
Nordic Tales Ulla Thynell, illustrator 8/13
Twisted at the Root Ellen Hart 8/13
Winemaker's Wife Kristin Harmel 8/13
Retreat Sherri Smith 8/13
Peaceful Valley Crime Wave Bill Pronzoni 8/13
Old Bones Preston/Lincoln Child 8/20
Reckless Oath We Made Bryn Greenwood 8/20
Stolen Things R.H. Herron 8/20
Tidelands Philippa Gregory 8/20
Warehouse Rob Hart 8/20
Whisper Man Alex North 8/20
American Magic Zach Fehst 8/20
Empty Hearts Juli Zeh 8/20
Murder List Hank Phillippi Ryan 8/20
Carnegie Hill Jonathan Vatner 8/20
Going Dutch James Gregor 8/20
Middle England Jonathan Coe 8/20
Polite Society Mahesh Rao 8/20
World Doesn't Require You Rion Amilcar Scott 8/20
Warlow Experiment Alix Nathan 8/20
Dark Side Danielle Steel 8/27
Other's Gold Elizabeth Ames 8/27
Kill Zone Anderson/Doug Beason 8/27
Beekeeper of Aleppo Christy Lefteri 8/27
Bottle Grove Daniel Handler 8/27
Door in the Earth Amy Waldman 8/27
Doxology Nell Zink 8/27
Everything Inside Edwidge Danticat 8/27
Golden Wolf Linnea Hartsuyker 8/27
Last Ones Left Alive Sarah Davis-Goff 8/27
Overthrow Caleb Crain 8/27
What Red Was Rosie Price 8/27
Who Are You, Calvin Bledsoe? Brock Clarke 8/27
Turn of Midnight Minette Walters 8/27
Ventriloquists E.R. Ramzipoor 8/27