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A List J.A. Jance 4/2
Editor Steven Rowley 4/2
Lights All Night Long Lydia Fitzpatrick 4/2
Miss Julia Takes the Wheel Ann B. Ross 4/2
Angel in the Fog T.J. Turner 4/2
Deadly Kiss-Off Paul Di Filippo 4/2
Affairs of the Falcons Melissa Reviro 4/2
At Briarwood School fot Girls Michael Knight 4/2
Boy Swallows Universe Trent Dalton 4/2
Crossing Pajtim Statovci 4/2
Girl He Used to Know Tracy Garvis Graves 4/2
King of Kings Wilbur Smith 4/2
Lost and Wanted Neil Freudenberger 4/2
Prince of Monkeys Nnamdi Ehirim 4/2
Sabrina & Corina Kali Fajardo-Anstine 4/2
Spectators Jennifer DuBois 4/2
Stay Up with Hugo Best Erin Somers 4/2
There's a Word for That Sloane Tanen 4/2
Women Talking Miriam Toews 4/2
Wonderful Stroke of Luck Ann Beattie 4/2
Damascus Road Jay Parini 4/2
Poison Bed Elizabeth Fremantle 4/2
Miracle at St. Andrews Patterson/de Jonge 4/8
Book of Dreams Nina George 4/9
Lost Roses Martha Hall Kelly 4/9
Metropolis Philip Kerr 4/9
Saving Meghan D.J. Palmer 4/9
Someone Knows Lisa Scottoline 4/9
Afternoon of a Faun James Lasdun 4/9
Eighth Sister Robert Dugoni 4/9
Last Hanna Jameson 4/9
Ash Family Molly Dektar 4/9
Confessions of an Innocent Man David R. Dow 4/9
Everything is Just Fine Brett Paesel 4/9
Henry, Himself Stewart O'Nan 4/9
If I Had Two Lives Abbigail Rosewood 4/9
My Coney Island Baby Billy O'Callaghan 4/9
Naamah Sarah Blake 4/9
Optic Nerve Maria Gainza 4/9
Outside Looking In T.C. Boyle 4/9
Parisian Isabella Hammad 4/9
Phantoms Christian Kiefer 4/9
Risk of Us Rachel Howard 4/9
Savage News Jessica Yellin 4/9
Soon the Light Will Be Perfect Dave Patterson 4/9
Trust Exercise Susan Choi 4/9
Bookshop of the Broken Hearted Robert Hillman 4/9
Lost History of Dreams Kris Waldherr 4/9
Department of Sensitive Crimes Alexander McCall Smith 4/16
Redemption David Baldacci 4/16
Better Sister Alafair Burke 4/16
Miracle Creek Angie Kim 4/16
Alice's Island Daniel S. Arevalo 4/16
Before We Were Wicked Eric Jerome Dickey 4/16
Binding Bridget Collins 4/16
Feast Your Eyes Myla Goldberg 4/16
Normal People Sally Rooney 4/16
Revolutionaries Joshua Furst 4/16
Roar Cecelia Ahern 4/16
Thomas and Beal in the Midi Christiopher Tilghman 4/16
City of Flickering Light Juliette Fay 4/16
I Know Who You Are Alice Feeney 4/23
Machines Like Me Ian McEwan 4/23
Wunderland Jennifer Cody Epstein 4/23
Delta-V Daniel Suarez 4/23
Missing Years Lexie Elliott 4/23
Pandora Room Christopher Golden 4/23
Stone Mothers Erin Kelly 4/23
Boy and His Dog and the End of the World C.A. Fletcher 4/23
Dawn Selahattin Demirtas 4/23
Mother-In-Law Sally Hepworth 4/23
Courting Mr. Lincoln Louis Bayard 4/23
Collusion Gingrich/Earley 4/30
Invited Jennifer McMahon 4/30
Besieged City Clarice Lispector 4/30
Cape May Chip Cheek 4/30
Good Enough Mother Bev Thomas 4/30
Lie With Me Phillippe Besson 4/30
Red Daughter John Burnham Schwartz 4/30
Spring Ali Smith 4/30
Unlikely Adventures of the Shergill Sisters Balli Kaur Jaswal 4/30
Walking on the Ceiling Aysegul Savas 4/30
Little Darlings Melanie Golding 4/30