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American Pop Snowden Wright 2/5
I Owe You One Sophie Kinsella 2/5
Last Romantics Tara Conklin 2/5
More Than Words Jill Santopolo 2/5
Silent Patient Alex Michaelides 2/5
Stranger THings: Suspicious Minds Gwenda Bond 2/5
Wedding Guest Jonathan Kellerman 2/5
Hiding Place C.J. Tudor 2/5
House Arrest Mike Lawson 2/5
Spy in Exile Jonathan De Shalit 2/5
Watcher in the Woods Kelley Armstrong 2/5
What We Did Christobel Kent 2/5
Winter Sister Megan Collins 2/5
Age of Light WhitneySharer 2/5
Atlas of Reds and Blues Devi S. Laskar 2/5
Forget You KNow Me Jessica Strawser 2/5
Girls at 17 Swann Street Yara Zgheib 2/5
Good Riddance Elinor Lipman 2/5
Made-Up Man Joseph Scapellato 2/5
Peacock Feast Lisa Gornick 2/5
Sea Monsters Chloe Aridjis 2/5
Spirit of Science Fiction Roberto Bolano 2/5
Such Good Work Johannes Lichtman 2/5
This is Not a Love Song Brendan Mathews 2/5
When You Read THis Mary Adkins 2/5
Where Reasons End Yiyun Li 2/5
Willa & Hesper Amy Feltman 2/5
Glovemaker Ann Weisgarber 2/5
Irish Above All Mary Pat Kelly 2/5
Finding Dorothy Elizabeth Letts 2/12
Girl in the Glass Box James Grippando 2/12
Leading Men Christopher Castellani 2/12
Source of Self-Regard Toni Morrison 2/12
Careless Love Peter Robinson 2/12
Good Lie Tom Rosenstiel 2/12
Hunting Party Lucy Foley 2/12
Killer Thriller Lee Goldberg 2/12
Moroccan Girl Charles Cumming 2/12
Say You're Sorry Karen Rose 2/12
American Spy Lauren Wilkinson 2/12
Cassandra Sharma Shields 2/12
Chef's Secret Crystal King 2/12
Death is Hard Work Khaled Khalifa 2/12
Heavens Sandra Newman 2/12
Lost Children Archive Valeria Luiselli 2/12
Northern Lights Raymond Strom 2/12
Secretary Renee Knight 2/12
Territory of Light Yuko Tsushima 2/12
Night Tiger Yangsze Choo 2/12
Chef Patterson/ DiLallo 2/18
Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls Anissa Gray 2/19
Mission Critical Mark Greaney 2/19
American Heroin Melissa Scrivner Love 2/19
Blood Echo Christopher Rice 2/19
Blood Orange Harriet Tyce 2/19
Court of Lies Gerry Spence 2/19
Next to Die Sophie Hannah 2/19
Aerialists Mark Mayer 2/19
Arturo's Island Elsa Morante 2/19
Bangkok Wakes to Rain Pitchaya Sudbanthad 2/19
Daughter of Moloka'i Alan Brennert 2/19
Moon Sister Lucinda Riley 2/19
Secret of Clouds Alyson Richman 2/19
Study of Animal Languages Lindsay Stern 2/19
Cherokee America Margaret Verble 2/19
Dear George, Dear Mary Mary Calvi 2/19
Familiars Stacey Halls 2/19
Landfall Thomas Mallon 2/19
Stranger from the Sea Paul Binding 2/19
White Book Han Kang 2/19
Border Don Winslow 2/26
Lost Night Andrea Bartz 2/26
After She's Gone Camilla Grebe 2/26
Widows-In-Law Michele W. Miller 2/26
Goulash Brian Kimberling 2/26
Mother Country Irina Reyn 2/26
That Time I Loved You Carrianne Leung 2/26
Unforgettable You Brenda Novak 2/26
Vacuum in the Dark Jen Beagin 2/26
We Must Be Brave Frances Liardet 2/26