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AutoBiography/Biography                Fantasy/Science Fiction           Fiction             Mystery              Romance


From the Grave Jay Brandon 1/1
Rush of Blood David Mark 1/1
Dear Edward Ann Napolitano 1/6
Hunter Killer Brad Taylor 1/7
Lady Clementine Marie Benedict 1/7
Moral Compass Danielle Steel 1/7
Mr. Nobody Catherine Steadman 1/7
Country Guesthouse Robyn Carr 1/7
Treason Stuart Woods 1/7
Deep State Chris Hauty 1/7
God Game Danny Tobey 1/7
Too Close to Home Andrew Grant 1/7
American People: Vol. 2 Larry Kramer 1/7
Black Cathedral Marcial Gala 1/7
Creatures Crissy Van Meter 1/7
Heap Sean Adams 1/7
Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on it Kamal Ravikant 1/7
Topics of Conversation Miranda Popkey 1/7
Gimmicks Chris McCormick 1/7
House on Endless Waters Emuna Elon 1/7
Westering Women Sandra Dallas 1/7
Big Lies in a Small Town Diane Chamberlain 1/14
Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick Zora N Hurston 1/14
How Quickly She Disappears Raymond Fleischmann 1/14
Better Liar Tanen Jones 1/14
No Fixed Line Dana Stabenow 1/14
Wild One Nick Petrie 1/14
All the Ways We Said Goodbye Beatriz Williams et al. 1/14
Cleanness Garth Greenwell 1/14
End of the Ocean Maja Lunde 1/14
Followers Megan Angelo 1/14
Kingdomtide Rye Curtis 1/14
Little Gods Meng Jin 1/14
Prized Girl Amy K. Green 1/14
Saltwater Jessica Andrews 1/14
We Wish You Luck Caroline Zancan 1/14
Light Changes Everything Nancy E. Turner 1/14
Burn the Dark S.A. Hunt 1/14
Whispers of War Julia Kelly 1/16
American Dirt Jeanine Cummins 1/21
Long Petal of the Sea Isabel Allende 1/21
Blaze Chad Dundas 1/21
Almost Just Friends Jill Shalvis 1/21
Follow Me to Ground Sue Rainsford 1/21
Heart of Junk Luke Geddes 1/21
Majesties Tiffany Tsao 1/21
Processed Cheese Stephen Wright 1/21
Seep Chana Porter 1/21
Small Days and Nights Tishani Doshi 1/21
Stateway's Garden Jasmon Drain 1/21
Universal Love Alexander Weinstein 1/21
Remembrance Rita Woods 1/21
Words I Never Wrote Jane Thynne 1/21
Into the Fire Gregg Hurwitz 1/28
When We Were Vikings A D MacDonald 1/28
Look-Alike Erica Spindler 1/28
Other People C.J. Tudor 1/28
Beautiful Crime Christopher Bollen 1/28
Blue Flowers Carola Saavedra 1/28
Circus Jonas Karlsson 1/28
Family Business 5 Carl Weber/La Jill Hunt 1/28
Interior Chinatown Charles Yu 1/28
Property of the State Kiki Swinson 1/28
Run Me to Earth Paul Yoon 1/28
Show Them a Good Time Nicole Flattery 1/28
Truants Kate Weinberg 1/28
Cartier's Hope M.J. Rose 1/28
Empty Bed Nina Sadowsky 1/28