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Starless Sea Erin Morgenstern 11/5
Age of Anxiety Peter Townsend 11/5
Noel Street Richard Paul Evans 11/5
Accomplice Joseph Kanon 11/5
Old Success Martha Grimes 11/5
Secret Service Tom Bradby 11/5
36 Righteous Men Steven Pressfield 11/5
And Go Like This John Crowley 11/5
Final Option Clive Cussler/B Morrison 11/5
Little Blue Kite Mark Z. Danielewski 11/5
On Swift Horses Shannon Pufahl 11/5
Revisioners Margaret Wilkerson Sexton 11/5
Book of Lost Saints Daniel Jose Older 11/5
Worst Kind of Want Liska Jacobs 11/5
Andromeda Evolution M Crichton/D Wilson 11/12
Anything for You Saul Black 11/12
Dog I Loved Susan Wilson 11/12
Eternal Sojourners Darryl Poniscan 11/12
Innocents Michael Crummey 11/12
Irish Country Family Patrick Taylor 11/12
Man's 4th Best Hospital Samuel Shem 11/12
Mutations Jorge Comensal 11/12
Nothing More Dangerous Allen Eskens 11/12
Siberian Dilemma Martin Cruz Smith 11/14
Confession Club Elizabeth Berg 11/19
Minute to Midnight David Baldacci 11/19
Second Sleep Robert Harris 11/19
Impossible Causes Julie Mayhew 11/19
Sabbath Nick Manatas 11/19
Tom Clancy: Code of Honor Marc Cameron 11/19
Mary Toft or the Rabbit Queen Dexter Palmer 11/19
Criss Cross James Patterson 11/25
Sword of Kings Bernard Cornwell 11/26
Under Occupation Alan Furst 11/26
All My Cats Bohumil Hrabal 11/26
Spy Danielle Steel 11/26
Task Force Baum James D. Shipman 11/26